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Advantages of Buying a Custom Built Computer


With our custom built computers you will have access to the maximum speed the CPU allows.

No Unneeded Utilities

With our custom built computers you will not have unneeded applications and utilities running in the background to slow your computer down or cause software conflicts.


By hand building each system, and thoroughly testing each individual computer, we can assure first-rate quality and reliability not available from mass-produced computers manufactured by our major brand name competitors.

More Upgrade Options

This is the key to making a really affordable computer. The major brand names design their computers such that when technology advances you either must live with the old, or buy a new computer. When buying a computer from us, you have the ability to change out only old and outdated components while maintaining serviceable parts.

A Computer That Fits YOUR Needs

You know your needs. When ordering a custom computer, you choose the components that fit your needs. You decide how much RAM and hard drive space are necessary for your system. You get the savings you deserve by not buying things you don't need, and the performance you want because you designed it yourself, and we guarantee it. If you need some recommendations on hardware, we have a knowledgeable staff on hand to assist you with those decisions.

Lower Repair Cost

Using "off the shelf" parts as opposed to "proprietary" components like major brand name manufacturers use, our computers can be repaired anywhere, because repair parts are readily available from hundreds of different companies. Our computers are multi-vendor capable.